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Piggie trouble!

2013-10-14 10.26.40


So a while back, I was cleaning my guinea pigs’ cage, and I decided it was time to give them a little bath too.

Sorry let me give you all a prequel ; I have two guinea pigs, one hairy one and one fat and smooth haired one! And they require a bath once in six month around.

So after having bathed them, I put them in a cozy towel so they can keep their warmth while drying off. As time goes by, I play with them on the floor…I notice BLOOD!

I trailed back the blood to one of my piggies toes…OMG… The toe in question was broken and hanging on one side (gross, I know). So I panicked I called the vet, and they said it would be 60$ a checkup, not counting the treatment for his tiny broken toe, and that most of the time they amputate the toes since it’s so small.

I’m a student, so I don’t really have that much dollars to spend to “maybe” heal his toe, or to pay for my cute piggie’s amputation. So not wanting him to be amputated, I put some polysporin where the wound was, while keeping his three toes together added a small bandage, and on top of that I added some tape (nonono not Duct Tape!). Yes…homemade solutions are not always the best…

One month later…and a change in bandage everyday

His toe is healed, and stays straight up on its own and he can move it!

I was so happy for my piggie!