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BOOO! So this is my new blog and my name on here is Skakuntala. This blog is of an average woman’s (ME duhhhhh) rants and thoughts…and other averageness thingies.

So let me start by presenting myself;

Hello dear folks, I’m Skakuntala…the average person (except my weight but SHHHH). I’m currently enrolled in University. Actually I’m into my Fall final exams…so yeah should be studying but finding anything else BUT studying interesting…typical procrastination…

Actually last night…while procrastinating, I found a whole frozen chicken in my freezer, so I decided it was greatly time for me to finally cook it in the oven. So I defrosted it overnight, put it in a kind of Pyrex oven plate-ish dish. So I checked around in my fridge, and saw that I had dozen oranges, which is wayyy too many oranges, and if I did not find a way to use them…well I’d lose them. So feeling a creative vibe going on, well I decided that I should make some Orange Chicken…ou Poulet a l’orange to be fancy. So I sliced around five oranges placed them on my seasoned chicken, added some rice with a little bit of water on the bottom, and carrots and potatoes on top…So I’d have a complete meal ready in one single pan! So I squeeze the juice out of my remaining unused oranges, all over on my rice and potatoes, to give the entire dish an orangey flavor.

Two hours later…

I take out my dish from the oven, took out the burnt oranges from the chicken (I did not actually think they would burn… I know, I should use my common sense once in a while!). Sliced a piece of breast, took some rice (great idea by the way… it cooks in the chicken broth), potatoes and carrots. I then took my first bite of the chicken breast; tasted nothing except for regular plain old chicken. Then, I took a bite from the potatoes, rice and carrots…it tasted actually pretty disgusting…It tasted like burnt oranges all over, a burnt acid-like taste.

Anyways this was my suckiness of the week!

Randomness: When you see a spider on your wall, not only do I freak out and take forever to squash it (because I’m too scared!), but when I do squash, I leave their bodies on the wall so that others spiders can be warned…and maybe they will stay away from my place!

Do you do this?