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The Night of the Moon



So who doesn’t like old school horror movies like Dracula, Nosferatu, Frank Einstein and so on..?

Well since I’m young I have been completely in love with any movie that had a dark castle, candles, a cemetery as backyard, and a spooky piano! A giant full moon, a dark forest with howling wolves in it! Also, I find it super duper fun to watch a movie where there are “regular vampires” in them, where they sleep in coffins, are afraid of garlic and crosses! I love films that have these aspects in them. There are a few comedies that include all these aspects like the movie Elvira (there are actually 2 movies, ha ha). The Addams Family is also a wonderful example of what I love seeing in movies and TV shows in this case. I have also recently discovered the movie Love at First Bite, which is hilarious in my opinion! Hence, I am a big fan of horror and spooky comedie movies from the early 30’s to the 90’s. My previous post with the graveyard is also extremely representative of those good old non-gory horror movies.