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Green Best

Green Best

The greens in plants is so pretty, it’s such a simple color, but that simple color underlies an entire bunch of biochemical reactions to produce this green. Hence, sometimes the simplicity of something that is one color is just nice to the eyes.


Glowy Rose

This is a pretty flower that I found in my mother’s yard…before all the snow and ice and horribly cold temperature arrived!

*Pardon the quality of the picture this was done with my old Cyber Shot camera!




Here is a picture I took a while back…that I might have slightly modified ha ha! But that morning I was taking a walk through a little bicycle pathway, and there was heavy fog all over. When I passed in front of the cemetery I just knew I had to take this picture. It’s so representative of those old Dracula movies! It’s spooky and you can see the contour of the tombstones.